Rene Henderson Natural Area

Rene Henderson Natural Area

The largest property in Castine owned by the Conservation Trust, its 90 acres include a small pond (the “ice pond”), wetlands, and on the higher ground, stands of  soft- and hardwood trees. Though softwoods predominate, the property includes almost every  tree native to the Bagaduce region.  This is a multiuse area and is not posted.

Two well-marked trails are the Eagle Trail (pink markers) and the Garden Club Trail (orange markers). The Eagle Trail is roughly U-shaped and follows the boundaries of Rene Henderson. It  runs north from the parking lot to the ice pond, east to the eastern edge of the area, south briefly, and then back to the parking lot along a logging road built in the mid-nineties. The hike takes an hour at an easy pace.  Water-proof hiking boots are recommended during rainy periods.

     The Garden Club Trail  stays closer to the center of the park, occasionally overlapping the Eagle Trail.  Roughly a half hour hike that avoids wetlands.

Rene Henderson is located on the east side of Rt. 166A, 0.7 miles north of its southern intersection with Rt. 166. Motorized vehicles not pemitted beyond the off-road parking lot, nor are fires without permission from the Trust and the Castine Fire Department.

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